Tuesday, January 06, 2015

India: Delhi the Beginning

Exotically mundane and fog. Before I forget, I wanted to get this phrase down because this is what came to mind as I experienced India for the first time.

Lots of images ... words to come.

After making our way thru the fog, we got to Lukes apartment at the American Embassy School. He lives on campus which is a great situation which we very much enjoyed and appreciated. 

Luke and family were in Bali for the first part of the holidays but opened up their home for us to stay which was grand. After a late night pick up, which Luke arranged, we settled in for the evening and woke up to a foggy Delhi (more to come on that note). 

The Embassy School was across the street from the American Embassy and the British School and kiddy corner to the Portuguese Embassy, down the street from the Australian Consulate, around the corner from the so and so's Ambassador's residence. The area is actually referenced on street maps as the diplomatic enclave. It is a huge expanse of territory with wide streets and lots of walls that make you wondering what's beyond. 

Walking distance from Luke's place is a little market area with upscale diplomatic enclave restaurants where we had our first breakfast. Emmerson sported the Santa hat for multiple days up until Christmas day.

On the way to breakfast - walled residence in the background.

Lots of languages in the rajdoot marg.

As the sign says, know about dengue - prominently displayed in front of the embassy.

The sign says it all.

Bajaj in the background reminiscent of Jakarta. Exact same type of get around town transport. Great example of cultural diffusion - as people moved from India to Indo, the bajaj did as well.

Beer of India - not bad and named after a much appreciated bird in India which were highlighted by our guides at the various outdoorsy ventures in which we were participants. 

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