Thursday, January 29, 2015

And of Course - Way too Many Sunset Photos

That's a good one!

Brandon and Olga partake in a selfie.

Some good colors, purples emerging.

Alicia adding a bit more color and a lovely smile.

And my pants adding even a bit more color.

I think these might be in another post - just goofing around the Christmas tree at dinner.

And the "make a funny face photo"

This was an unexpected pleasantry. In the past we had to take the public ferry to the island and then take a van ride for a half hour or so to get to and from Coconut Grove. But they have recently purchase a nice new boat that they now use to shuttle visitors to and from the resort. It was quite comfy and enabled Ada and Bella to sleep thru their queazy sea sick feeling a bit more comfortably.  The waves are not large BUT the distance between the peaks and troughs is not all that big so instead of a gentle rolling motion it is a pitch side to side and a bit diagonal and back and forward which is not good for those inclined towards motion sickness.  

Happy kids.

Captain Ian at the helm - funny how this was even possible - no one manning the captains pilot room, none of the workers cared that I was in there posing ... 

Brandon displaying his guns and me giving a suave hat salute - actually I am trying to keep my hat from blowing away as it was rather windy on deck.

Very much enjoying the moment with Alicia, although it didn't look like I was enjoying it so had to take another photo ... 

Now appropriately showing that I am enjoying a moment with my wife, although I am actually not enjoying it quite as much as I was about 10 seconds earlier because whoever is taking this told me I had to smile in order to meet the societal constructs designed to demonstrate that yes indeed, I am having an enjoyable moment.

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