Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jakarta: In the Neighborhood

This is how we dress in the neighborhood. Not really - unless you have gone native - which I've seen a few times and it is not a pretty site. Emmerson and I walking home from a sarong themed Christmas party down the street from our apartment. The next day I was wearing a parka in single digit temperature Illinois, USA.

Another American corrupted by the Germans. Emmerson and the German+ boys.

In several of the small parks in the neighborhood fruit trees grow and are tended by an old retired couple who daily make their rounds, dutifully and lovingly caring for each tree .... actually I have know idea what the fruit scene is in these parks but someone is cultivating the various fruits growing in the parks. I like to imagine its a kindly old couple.

Close up of the wrapped mangoes.

Ramadan takes its toll. A clerk "tending" to the store. I spent quite a while in Photo Shop blurring the photo so as to protect her identity; an extremely difficult process involving a complete and thorough knowledge of the intricacies of photo editing ... or maybe this is the one I took without coming to a complete stop while walking through the mall.

The street vendors come to the neighborhood. Each one has his own sound and or call which alerts the neighborhood of his presence and to come out and buy stuff.

A food vendor's kitchen.

A neighborhood roundabout. Traffic sure is different over here.