Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Lion King

Mom and Dad Collin treated us all to the Lion King down in the theater district in Chicago. It was truly an incredible show and experience. The innovative combination of animatronics and pupettering produced some memorable animal characters. The girls loved it and the older folks were entertained throughout. Highly recommend this one if you ever get the opportunity.

Ada on the way - kind of funny because everyone else is walking the other way ... but we got it figured out.

At the .... theater - not sure which one we were at. We were in the third balcony but had a good view of everything and it was really neat how they had two percussionist perched up in the first balcony. Great venue.

From our seats towards the stage.

Ada joined in.

Obligatory selfie leaving the venue - still in Manila mode in this element of life.

Family Swim Day

Evan swims at Tabor College in Kansas where my cousin Nate is his coach. They had a meet at Wheaton so I and the girls trained in to Wheaton and the Indiana clan all showed up as well. Great to see the extended family and especially see Evan swim. Also got to see the old stomping grounds after quite a few years absence - quite a few changes indeed at the college and downtown Wheaton.

Girls with cousin Evan. He swam his personal best in al his meets. 

Girls on the front lawn of Wheaton with Blanchard Hall in the backdrop.

From the step of the Billy Graham Center looking north to the front lawn.

In the "cloud room" at the BGC.

Cool mural on the side of a business off of College Ave across from one of the dumps I lived in whilst at Wheaton.