Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jakarta to Chicago

We have moved to the Chicago area to a small community called Brookfield. Moving to the States has been quite the adventure. The various times we have moved overseas, everything has been prearranged concerning housing and such making the actual move rather strait forward. Not so with this move back to the States as we touched down in Ohare airport with two little ones, no vehicles and no where to live. Fortunately we secured jobs while still in Indonesia. So the last few weeks have been a blur of car and house shopping and dealing with other items to get ourselves established over here as a family. After looking at around 20 houses and having one deal fall through, we have a contract on a house. Now we jump through all the paper work hoops and write lots of checks.

Our first house. It has a deck, a good kitchen and seems to run well, so I like it.