Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Agra to Ranthambore - Palace Living!

From Agra we drove from the Province of Uttar Pradesh  into Rajastan. Some of the Raj's (nobility) have turned select palaces into hotels as business ventures. This is one of them. Some of the family still lives in part of the palace - nice of them to share. We arrived Christmas Day afternoon and the girls had a fun time exploring and playing Rajastinas - or whatever you call lady Rajs. 

Ada very excited about the ice cream option on the Christmas buffet.

Emmerson well into her ??th serving. They ate well - mostly Indian and managed to escape any major stomach issues. Emmerson got a bit of something the last few days but soldiered on.

In one of the courtyards. Rajastan is a desert so warms up in the day but does get quite chilly at night. This was a nice touch.

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