Saturday, January 31, 2015

Brekkie O'Champs #IV

 Girls are at girl scout camp for the weekend so I am freed up a bit. Last night we had a pre - Mansters at Heckel and Jekylls (this is just for posterity sake) gathering and then headed down to H and J for the evening. This a.m. Alicia headed off for yoga and meetings with friends in the Fort so I headed off to the market. Great to get up and on the bike - especially in the "winter weather" where it is just a bit chilly - actually its not ... but it is not quite as sweaty as the other times of the year. So I saddled up on my trusty Gary Fischer - now going on almost 20 years of off - and - on service - and headed down to Salcedo Saturday Market. I opted to go for the bbq this time around as I just felt like it. Philippinos can do some serious damage to skewers, especially pork, so it is always an easy choice (although I hardly ever have it - so this was a treat). Maybe next time I will dedicate my visit to things I have never had/curious foods type of thing.

Old school selfies coming up. Fresh back from the market. One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday a.m. that is free. 

Brekkie O' Champs. 

So we've got several 8" pork skewers, one long something or other skewer (I ate it already and it was really nice crunchy chicken cartilage), a splayed 1/4 chicken and pomelo wedges.  Really good stuff. The skewers come with a sauce of course, but it is quite different than the typical spicy SE Asian sauces. For various reason which I will explain at some point, the Philippines is a sugar vinegar cuisine - and yes I realize I am generalizing -  but I am focusing on the sauce which was vinegar and some sugar and bits of garlic, ginger, carrots and chili.  Pomelo is absolutely lovely, bit sweeter than grapefruit and the sections are quite a bit larger and more dense. It has become one of my favorites. And no, I didn't eat all of this - just being foody and displaying a nice array of market treats.

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