Friday, January 16, 2015

Delhi the other Side

India has a dynamic economy so Delhi, of course has its other side. Luke lived in the diplomatic enclave on Embassy Row so his area was quite developed. This is at his apartment at the American Embassy School. 

We stayed at the Shangrila for the last evening and it was pleasant.

And of course McDonalds has worked its way into the Indian cultural cuisine - very little meat and absolutely no beef. Looks like we've got a paneer mcspicy, masala grill veg, and a veggie burger. No matter for the girls, if its got a yellow M on the box, its good eats.

Henna'd hands and street vendor popcorn. Alicia wasn't feeling all that great for our last night at the Shangrala so the girls and I went on a food crawl. Just walked around and tried things, including US fast food joints, of which there are very few as India has some of the best convenient food/street food cultures in the world. 

Round two at McD's - we passed by on our way home and all of a sudden the girls managed to have McFlurries in their hands.

Some interestingly lit side street on our crawl.

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