Friday, January 09, 2015

Road Trip #2 Agra to Ranthambore I Think

I knew this was going to happen. Because I don't plan these trips and I am really, really bad at names, I don't know where or when this is .... That being said, I am pretty certain it was the morning of our trip to Ranthampore. 

Yes, cows are in the streets and do have the right of way.

Because of what I wrote in the first slide I do take measures to document indicators as to wheres and whens ... and after  quick Google, I now remember. This is an old Mughal capital city in Agra and is pretty much all a relic.

The girls enjoy finding their names when out and about.

Emmerson in the early morn fog in front of something.

Thats right! This was Christmas morning! We got up early and had a bit of a Christmas celebration in the hotel in Agra and then headed out.

Alicia getting touted by a guy saying "I am not a guide, I am a gardener here and would like to show you around. " 

This was a MASSIVE complex built way back in the 15 or 1600's and is pretty impressive when considering how much effort and resources went into its planning and construction. There are LOTS of these type of sites in India demonstrating how hugely powerful this part of the world was back in the day.

Ada was cold so Emmerson gave her her fleece and I gave Emmerson my coat so she looked rather baggy for this part of the expedition.

Lots of parrots or whatever these birds are out and about India. They tend to pose on things like this which makes a cool image.

What Ada wanted to take a picture of!

Kitchen chimneys

Locales picnicking.

Indian, old palace complex, puppies.

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