Friday, January 09, 2015

In a Fog - Literally: Road Trip #1 Delhi to Agra

Roadtrip #1: Delhi to Agra
Theme: Fog
Comments to come.

I opted for the way back seat of our home away from home away from home - a Toyota Innova (same SUV I have in Manila) so I could really take in the sites and scenery undistracted by what the driver was up to (this is what I have to do - if I sit next to a driver - I think about what I would be doing driving the whole time ...) as we made our way towards Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. This is what I looked at for about 3 hours until the fog lifted. It was one of the 3 thickest fogs I have ever been in and definitely the most scary as we were driving on a super expressway with lots of BIG trucks and holiday travelers. The other two fogs were surfing in Japan and skiing at Hunter Mt. in New York. We came upon a massive accident which I will address later. 

My view.

Emmerson dealing with the fog by reading with Chubby Ducky (formerly Imposter Ducky - the fill in duck we bought for when we had to wash Ada's Ducky)

Beautiful Indian country side.

View of exotic India.

Everyone drove on eachothers bumpers so they could see their hazard lights and know where to go - I guess just hoping the vehicle in the front had really good lights or a wizard driving or something.

One of the big trucks in an area where the fog had lifted a bit.

Waiting out the fog - sun in the sky trying to burn it off.

At a rest stop where I had to wrestle my way into a crowd on snack buyers all ordering and paying and picking up food at the same time. Closest I've come to a mosh pit (gross) and it was all for a few samosas and a coffee.

Foggy parking lot. It was starting to lift.

Kind of.

Agra - I saw every type of animal domesticated by humans on the roadsides  of India - really - every single one!

Street shave - very common - actually everything is very common on the streets of India.

Guys and a Royal Enfield bike.

Bajaj getting a fixer up. The guy picking his face actually asked me to take this picture and then proceeded to scratch his face.

Hauling fuel.

Tricked out bajaj

Garbage cow - to go along with my garbage pig from West Papua - will have to get these two images together at some point.

Looking content in his garbage pile. I wondered what the street cows ate as there was not a whole lot of foliage about and most seemed relatively healthy. I know that they belong to someone and get a feed at home but also know that they are left to roam about all day to forage. I soon found the answer to my what do they eat question - pretty much anything - rather goatish. I saw one cow eat a poster advertisement off a telephone pole and another munch down a breadbox sized cardboard box. 

Water buffalo and kids. I took these while the girls were having a lunch when we first arrived in Agra. I went for a stroll to stretch my legs and look at stuff.

Any guesses?

I thought it was coiled rope looking at it from a distance but as I got closer realized it was not.

Kids who wanted a picture together and to walk with me for a bit thru their neighborhood.

Camel country.

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