Friday, January 09, 2015

Taj Mahal #2

Taj again - comments to come

We went to the Taj in the afternoon of our road trip from Delhi to Agra. The fod finally lifted as we got into drier part of India and the sun did its work. I am not going to go into details about the Taj as I think it is relatively common knowledge (tomb of great Moghul emperor for his wife and all). Like all the sites we went to it was massive and thoroughly impressive once again showing the power of the people who ruled these areas back in the day.  One of the gates and wall around the Taj complex.

Girls squinting in the fog burning sun.

View of the Taj from inside one of the gates. The place was designed for all sorts of playful optical "illusions" and thus lots of photo fodder. 

To document I was there - and yes, I pretty much wore the same general outfit each day.

People posing - as or of what, I have no idea. The Taj was packed as it is pretty much everyday and you do get lots of people approaching you for this and that. We did hire a guide and he kind of intercepted lots of these situations. Actually, I don't really mind them as most just take common sense and lots of no thanks you's to repel.



Christmas card material ...

Emmerson ....

And here we go ... completely random people. This is quite typical in many places I have been. people simply like taking pictures with people  from parts of the world they don't have a lot of contact with and I actually like it. The girls were most approached and took good naturedly took part - until after a while it started to get to Ada and she was bit less willing. Our guide tried to intercept in these situations but I stepped in and said we don't mind. So, I would typcially get a picture of the scene after they had taken theirs.

And Grandpa got in on this one - and needs some photo posing skills but definitely has the coolest look

Reflective pool not doing its job and the gate in the background..

Image one is expected to take, reflective pool and Taj

Obligatory selfie - I'll stop doing these back in the States - but while in Asia it will happen.

Little one with cole around his eyes - no religious thing or whatever - just looks cool

And again - random photos with random people.

Alicia doing her yoga thing - kind of like my lift Emmerson over my head - way to celebrate cool places.

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