Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Barathpur Bird Sanctuary

Once the shooting gallery of the Raj where they would have "hunts" to celebrate various events and visits from dignitaries. Oh how times have changed. Welcome to Rajastan - let's go and kill a bunch of tigers and leopards .... and a maybe an elephant or two - really weird. And this continued on thru the 1960's and 70's and perhaps beyond AND photos of this lifestyle reality were actually prominently and proudly displayed in the Raj palace hotels ... "Tiger hunt with the Ambassador from Finland"  and a photo of a dead tiger draped over a car with the Raj and Ambassador proudly standing akimbo.  The Raj turned it over to the State as a preserve in the 70's but he continued to hunt in it until recently - same deal with the tiger preserve in Ranthambore proper. . Nice - gather them all into the preserve so they are nice and dense and unsuspecting. Sporting of you Raj ... and I am not even a uber environmental animal rights guy - but this reality is a bit irksome. 

Anyway - it is now a protected preserve and was really cool to ride around in and see all the Indian animals which I never knew existed in India. 

Emmerson with her new BFF's .. surprised that even come to mind as I am actually not certain what BFF stands for but I know it means you like them.  Another photo of people wanting to share humanity.

This will take a bit of explanation and it is late Wednesday eve and I am not up to it - seeing the bird sanctuary in style!



Wild something or other ...

The wild something or other

Nice rack ...

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