Friday, January 09, 2015

Christmas Morning 1014 in Agra

Christmas tree in the hotel lobby ... at least it was a bit chilly to set the scene somewhat.

Christmas Eve - treats for Santa and the reindeer. Candied ginger for the reindeer and mango candy for Santa.

Emmerson's "Christmas Tree" and note to Santa.

Christmas socks.

Christmas morning the girls going thru their stockings.

Note from Santa to the girls thanking them for the treats.

Daddy in scarf VIP style and the girls on our way to Christmas breakfast.

Christmas breakfast buffet.

In the post about our trip from Delhi to Agra, I mentioned the fog and an accident. While driving in the fog, our driver, Shankar who was quite the man, swirved dramatically and suddenly. Out the window I saw several stopped trucks and huge metal pipes that had fallen off of one. Somehow, in the near zero visibility and chaos that was on the highway, he made it thru. We realized after that the trucks had just crahed and we were the first car to get thru. Then behind us, unbeknonst to us, the pile up as described in the article that I saw the next morning, took place. One minute longer brushing my teeth that morning  and our holiday could have been quite different. Just one of those things .... 

As I was reading the traffic article, I realized these two other interesting ones ... and this was from two pages of one day of India news .... exotically mundane is India

Wedding crasher!

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