Thursday, January 29, 2015

Coco Grove Ada and Whale Sharks

We just received photos from a lady we met on the whale shark excursion. She was born and raised in the Philippines but lives now in California. She was vacationing in Coco Grove with her family en route to a family reunion. Both her college age daughters came along and were attending school at Northwestern and Depaul - both in Chicago! She had a water camera and took these shots of Ada with the whale sharks. As I said before - she got one look of the whale shark with its mouth agape and was having none of the up close stuff.

Ada looking rather anxious and clinging securely to the pontoon - whale shark surfacing next to her.

Baby whale shark passing by our boat.

Ada managing a smile but still not looking all that sure about this "swim with the whale shark thing".

Under water shot - not sure why its black and white. 

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