Saturday, January 24, 2015

Coconut Grove Motoskooter Excursion

Obligatory selfie while riding down the street on our cool skooters. Several of the guests at ISM were international teachers with families as it is a great place for kids and adults alike. A few of us guys felt like getting manly and rented skooters to venture out on a man - skooter gang expedition.  Our destination was a waterfall.  

Brandon in position three of our skooter gang. 

Random guy cheering us on as our gang passed by. 

Brandon helmet didn't exactly fit his giant American head so the mouth guard ended up over his nose whcih could not have been all that comfy. I was glad they ran out of helmets so I my "sans" helmet was not actually by choice.

Destination achieved, mission accomplished. Really cool triple falls.

Falls with vine rope swing in the foreground.

People getting ready for a jump over the falls.

Culture is really cool. We are a bathing suit culture - many parts of the world are not and simply were whatever when indulging in water activities - jeans and a t-shirt will do!

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