Saturday, January 24, 2015

Motoskooter Expedition With Emmerson

The Coconut Grove fleet of boats. Lots of dives go out of the resort. And the reef just off the beach of the resort is still in great shape as it is a sanctuary and protected. it has lots of nice coral heads and a decent wall dropping down into the depths. Finally saw a sea snake - one of those odd fascinations in nature as they are deadly poisonous but have such a small mouth that it can't really bite a human - unless its between the toes or something. 

Emmerson and Ada with the Hoover girls doing whatever they do. 

After my manxcursion with the motoskooter gang, I figured Emmerson would really enjoy the trip so the next day we ventured out. She loved being on the skooter and kept wanting to see how fast it could go - which I did NOT oblige - 80kph was the fastest we went which she thought was pretty fast. 

Water buffalo in the rice fields. Many farmers still hitch them up and use them to plow up the rice fields and other such jobs.

This guy opted for the mechanized version of a buffalo and plow.

Looking good!

At one of the old Spanish churches up near the waterfalls. Really neat ride - it is great to get out of Manila as small town and rural life is SO much different and refreshing - wish I was able to get out a bit more on daily excursions but it is hard to find the time and commit. Maybe a few more before we head back.

Big old trees provide a refreshing and beautiful element to this street paralleling the church compound.

Super excited to be at the waterfall and getting ready for a jump .... 

Eyeing up her landing zone in prep for takeoff .... 

Mid air .... 

Preparing for landing .... 

On the vine swing

Vine swing dismount

Coconut dog at the waterfall parking lot. Funny what dogs eat in different parts of the world - rice cake eating dogs in Hong Kong, coconuts in Philippines, 

Dutifully posing for one of her Daddy's odd shots ... rice drying beside the road.

Grains of rice.

Coconut drying along the rode

Back at the resort, fishing boats

Emmerson for a size reference - not a whole lot of wiggle room in these crafts.

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