Friday, January 16, 2015

Giant Mosque in Old Delhi

Emmerson on the steps of one of the largest mosques in Asia. We had just finished eating lunch at a well-recommended kebab place, Karims, in Old Delhi. It was absolute madness to get there and was actually quite surprised we actually made it as it was down a narrow alley and then off down an even narrower alley - but most people new of it so then we were there! This was just down the alley and the other ally and then down the street and across the big street that was completely packed with tuktuks and tricycle rickshaws. 

India is a cricket country. As in the Philippines with basketball and most of the world with soccer, makeshift pitches pop up all over the landscape and kids tend to be very creative with alternatives to the real game which requires quite a bit of territory. A cricket match in the yard of the mosque.

Bowler mid bowl. 

Bit of congestion, from which we had just come to get to the mosque.

Being foreign tourists, we ended up being charged for all sorts of things no one else was being charged for. I get it and typically went along with it or talked down the price a bit but on certain occassions just refused to pay and they usually finally agreed with my argument which was pretty basic and hard to argue against - no one else is paying, or - I already paid a fee, why exactly are you saying I need to pay another fee? Alicia was asked to put on this cover up even though she was bundled up due to the cold and of course had to pay for it. Very few others were wearing one so I made sue to take lots of pictures of her as it was very complimentary. 

Obligatory selfie. Would have had to pay a fee if I didn't take one.

And yes, there is somewhat of a system to this mayhem. 

You can climb the steps to the top of the minarets for a fee - which I did not pay as I had already paid an entrance fee and  wife cover upper fee AND the sign at the front of the mosque stated very clearly that this is all free and don't pay! But it was a bit of an argument and worth it for the site.

Delhi air quality is horrendous but this was a cloudy day. 

Call to prayer megaphones on the minarets.

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