Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daddy and Daughters on the Town

As an alternative to the "Daddy daughter dance", which I was not able to attend for a variety of reasons, we opted for a day on the town. We dressed up, gave/received roses and then headed out on Manila town!

The Peninsula Hotel is a beautiful hotel with a large, fancy yet unpretentious lobby. It is seasonally decorated, has a large 2nd floor balcony attached to the lobby with two cascading stairways which make it a popular venue for wedding and other fancy parties as the gowned lady participants can make quite a photo descending the stairways. So we spent a few hours leisurely eating and taking in the sites and sounds of the hotel scene.

Very well decorated Christmas tree in the background.

Kind of a selfie on the cascading stairwell.

The lobby as seen from the balcony.

Girls enjoying the ambiance. They did get up and run around a bit, climbed the stairs, investigated doors and what they opened to, all with a very supportive and accommodating staff.


Posing from the balcony - note the fancy lady in the background ... 

Another girls on the balcony shot.

Wedding party. Ada actually took these shots. I like giving them the camera and letting them have a go - different perspective. Ada is a bit more keen than Emmerson. She would rather sit and eat brownies!

Emmerson getting ready to what she excels at.

Nutella brownies with raspberry sauce and caramel iced cream.

Note the camera on the chair to the guys left. Videoing lunch - people WAY into this aspect of the social media over here - shoot and share ...

Across the street from the Peninsula is Ayala Park - a private for public use park owned by the Ayala's. Kind of an interesting concept but there is a sign that explains while this is open to the public, it is the private property of the Ayala's and whatever they want to do with it is up to them - or something like that. Nice park in the middle of Makati - well used. 

Bamboo backdrop.

Sure will miss this stuff ....

Sisters and best friends.

In the stock exchange courtyard that butts up against the park. The Ayala's probably own the stock exchange too ....

Across Makati Avenue from the Peninsula.

Notice the Jeepney waiting to get thru Makati and Ayala Ave intersection.

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