Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Kyoto Nishiki Shopping Arcade

After the Inari Temple trek we found our way to Nishiki shopping "street". It is actually several bloks of pedestrian, covered streets selling all sorts of things from cheap trinkets to high end designer stuff. We began in the food section which was quite interesting and then after that I kind of lost interest as the girls were on a mission to get a few things - "kimonos" and wooden sandals at the top of the list. So I went into power save mode and kind of shuffled around while the girls did their thing.

Cool rice shop in the food area of Nishiki. Rice is serious business in Japan and they place considerable efforts to protect their rice industry and the farmers involved.

The pickled vegetable stall. Like so many food items around the world, this began as a way to preserve food and has become part of the staple diet of the Japanese. Served as condiments with almost every meal. Good stuff.

The girls showing off their purchases in "Japanese" style poses ....

More accurate Japanese style "pozu"!

Ada displaying her purchase at the 7-11 on our way home to the hotel.

And Emmerson showing what she wanted to purchase at the 7-11 - I had to pry it out of her little ice cream loving hands.

The girls on the way to our last nights dinner in Kyoto. We found a fun Japanese style restaurant close by with a varied menu so something for everyone. We got our own tatami room the two nights we ate their - neat experience.

The next day was rainy - our first non sunny day all week so we headed back to Tokyo bit early. A few shots from the shinkansen of scenery between Kyoto and Tokyo.

And finally - back in Tokyo - we spent the last evening in the town of Narita so we could get to the airport efficiently in the a.m. The girls playing "Where are Ada and Emmerson" in the bike lot at the train station.

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