Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Kyoto Inari Shrine

Alicia plans out trips which I like for a variety of reasons, one being that I am surprised a lot as I don't preview too many of the things on our agenda. I had no idea what Inari Shrine was and the "steps" involved in getting to know this unique part of the Kyoto landscape. We went here the afternoon of our final full day in Kyoto - which I believe was Friday the 31st - Halloween!

Alicia described this as the famous place with all the orange gates that everyone knows and is an iconic part of Kyoto - you know .... No, I didn't know ... the first of many, many orange gates. 

Neat whatever you call this in construction where beams meet at a corner.

When I had my first look at the map, for some reason, what was to come simply didn't register. I think it is simply due to the reality that scale on maps is often difficult to conceptualize. Very pretty map - I wanted to take it home but might have gotten in trouble with the shrine tender ladies.

And then the gates began in earnest, as did the ascending walkways and steps ... the girls have got posing down. I just now have to say - "girls, picture" and point and they get right on it - they realize just getting it done is the best way to go about this part of our existence together. I just like having a human in most photos and they are the humans that best oblige.

I was taking picture after picture because it was good picture taking stuff and I did not realize that their were about 20,000 more gates to come .... and more ascending stairs, lots, lots more.

More gates, seems orange is a reoccurring theme. 

Obligatory selfie.

And a happy looking one for good measure - even though I was in the exact state of mind as the previous one which I took about 3 seconds before this one ... 

Workers touching up some of the kanji characters.

"Kitsune" or foxes were quite prevalent.

More gates and stairs and the girls posing dutifully. 

Shrine cat. Read Tama cat if you get a chance and it will explain the relation of cats and temples. Basically, its a story about a stray cat that was taken in by a temple and it brought good fortune to the temple.

Another temple kitty imbibing in some temple water.

Big spider.

Everyone once in a while if the girls had scampered off, I would get Alicia to fill in. She is a good poser too.

I had know idea what this shrine involved. You basically climb a mountain on these paths that are framed by the orange gates. At this point, very sweaty and not tired - just sweaty, we came upon some gringoes who said we were about halfway - I was shocked as we had already been walking for about a half hour and were quite a bit higher than we were at that first gate! I was not expecting to climb a mountain when I woke up that morning. The girls enjoying a mid trek ice cream, a view and sharing a bench with another poser.


Ada is definitely improving which is good because my "hefting Emmerson up over my head" days are numbered. I almost dropped her on my head when I attempted the lift in a bamboo forest earlier in the day.

The only English characters I saw amongst 100's of thousands of Kanji characters just happened to spell out the word larva ....  a curious world in which we live.

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