Friday, November 21, 2014

Tokyo Kamakura

One of the few places we went to on this trip that I had visited back when living in Japan. It was pretty cool to see how much and little Japan had changed over the 20 years since I had been away.  I visited with Scotty and Kumiko and Mr. Wong and a few others back in the day. We actually used to go near this area to surf quite regularly but only made it to the temple complex on that one occasion.

Big Bhudda, lots of history and stories one involving a tsunami. Neat place.

Protective birds.

If the Buddha wore shoes I am guessing that these would be them? Did not delve into the story behind these.

Big shoes.

As mentioned previously, the story of the Buddha is quite long and involves several feats of survival stated in this info sign.

Inside the Buddha taking a picture up into his cranium.

Whatever - getting  carried away with artsy shots.

And here starts my theme photo shoot. Typically when I am out and about, I will notice something that I think is kind of neat and will then become kind of obsessed with documenting it. More often than not, the "theme" fizzles out as their really isn't that much to document, but sometimes it will actually play out and I can sort of create a pictostory of whatever it is that I noticed. This time around the theme was really old trees that are kept alive by some serious human efforts. Spilt in half trunk tree.

Old dead tree up top that seems to be doing a bit better on the bottom.

Stump tree with one branch.

Old tree with one live branch.

Old stump with one really long branch that seems to be doing quite well.

Old sawed off tree.

This one didn't quite make it.

Girls involved in an impromptu performance on a decorative giant stone.

"Posu" with the Buddha.

Branch tree being supported.

Rather desperate measures.

Old, twisted tree.

They put this one in a sling/caste.

Emmerson pointing out a symbol that often results in a bit of confusion amongst the uninformed. What? Nazi's in Kyoto?

No, no Nazi's in Kyoto.

Tama cat - neat story and symbol found all over Japan.

Big giant gnarly old tree.

Cool restaurant - one of many on the streets of old Kyoto.

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