Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Kyoto: Arashiyama area - Bamboo Forest

Bordering the Tenryu-ji Gardens was this bamboo forest. It is quite a remarkable resource when you consider its functionality: you can eat it, build stuff out of it, use it as flooring, feed it to pandas and so on. It is also nice to walk in and take pictures of so that is what I did.

Just barely getting Emmerson up over my head. She still has great form and is a willing participant but she is dense. Fortunately, I had about 40 Japanese students behind me to cheer me on. - which they did with enthusiasm.

 How I felt lifting Emmerson up over my head.

Bamboo fence in the bamboo forest.

Sounds like they are trying to stop someone from bringing a panther or some other wild carnivore into the forest.

After the garden and forest we headed back to Kyoto station to get the train to Inari Shrine. Most large train stations in Japan have large underground shopping arcades. The girls enjoying the Halloween festivities of the Porta shopping arcade.

And then we enjoyed okonomoyaki (meaning - whatever you want cook it). It is a wonderful combo of cabbage and vegetable batter and other stuff grilled into a large pancake looking thing. It is topped with shaved bonito flakes which melt into the top of the okonomoyaki. Rice and pickled veggies completed the set lunch.

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