Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Kyoto Chion-in Temple and Murayama Park (I think)

As I didn't plan much of the trip, I am trying to go by memory of what all these things are with a bit of an outline from Alicia. But I think these are from what I wrote in the title.

Pool in the park.

Kids often go on school trips to these areas to practice their english skills. Typically, they have a scripted set of questions and the bravest of the crew reads them off and the rest stand by in moral support of the brave soul. Alicia was hit up several times over the days by these groups of English language scholars.

Neat reflection.

The extent of my photographic artistic ability.

Must have been feeling artsy at this point in the day.

Girls dutifully posing on a bridge.

Participant in the temple with his punt dog.


Japanese cemetery at the top of the shrine hill.

 One of these things that is remarkable to experience and photos don't quite do it justice.

Construction guys renovating and sporting the national construction worker outfit.

Giant sarcophagus (not too many opportunities to use that word unless writing about the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown or ancient stuff ....) protecting the renovation of a massive temple in the Chion-in complex. have never seen something like this in a renovation project. 

Emmerson demonstrating her wing span in comparison to that of the tree.

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