Sunday, November 23, 2014

Out and About Tokyo

Several repeats here but thats OK! Hachiko statue outside Shibuya Station. Wonderfully sad story.

Out and about the streets of Shibuya. The girls posing with some hats from one of the shops on the streets.

Burger King celebrating Halloween in a very Japanese way. I could go off here for quite a while but it would bore the few people who actually look at this so I will refrain .... BUT it is super cultural and stuff. 

Just liked the reference to the Chicago butter chicken ... whatever that is.

Girls on the station platform. I love how they go from place to place and seem quite comfortable with their surroundings - much due to the fact that they have eachother to deal with all of these experiences. They create elaborate scenarios which can go on for quite a while and allow them to deal with some of the tedium of travel. Here they are in the midst of one of these scenarios.

Train at the local station near Tracy's place. I love this scene ... oh to be a part of my day to day existance. 

This photo should be in the Kamakura post - but it is not and I am not going to make the effort to reload and such. This is at the restaurant where we ate while making our way to the Kamakura giant Buddha temple. It is quite famous - an Australian chef who made his way by opening up this and subsequent restaurants focusing primarily on high quality breakfast items.

I used to surf near here ...

They are wonderful girls, daughters, travelers, friends, funny, quirky, polite, curious, willing - so glad we have done this with them.

And 7-11 in the background which is sooo much more than a convenient store in Japan - they are now into the finance industry as well. 

Ritual cleansing at the Kamakura Temple.

Some folk still do wear the traditional kimono - but most only on occasions.

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