Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another Temple Complex - Post in the making ...

Just trying to get the pictures up but don't have the notes with me at this time ... I new this would happen! Didn't get the notes up in time before my aging brain moved the info to some lobe where I can't readily access it anymore. So I have no idea what this temple complex was called. I do know that it was in Kyoto and we took a bus there and then walked quite a bit as we messed up getting on the wrong bus. We got around Kyoto primarily by bus and once we figured out the number system, it worked efficiently.

Beautiful fall colors in the background. Cool in the evenings and morning but quite pleasant during the day. 

Measures taken to keep everything in place. Japan does this a lot as much of the landscape is quite challenging to build on - and I think they like the challenge of doing so resulting in some pretty neat constructs.

All wood temple. Up until the 1800's, Japan used much of its forests building material. At some point, the Emperor or his advisors realized that they were involved in some serious deforesting so a ban was made on the lumber industry except for a few forests that are still allowed to produce lumber. Most of these remaining few are privately owned and very strictly managed. This is good as it makes for a very green Japan once one is out of the cities BUT it also means that Japan has had to go elsewhere to get timber products and some of these elsewhere's have been somewhat controversial.

The main temple in whatever complex this was part of. It was a massive wooden structure built into a cascading hillside.

Ada demonstrating the proper "posu" technique.

My artsy impressionist photo.

Something that a lot of people were waiting in line to do that did not seem all that appealing so we did not partake.

Foundation of the main temple building built into the hillside.

Girls doing one of their go to poses whenever around water - one of my favorites.

Kimono shop and kimonoed ladies walking down a narrow alley way. Lots of you ladies do dress up in kimonos for their visit to parts of Kyoto - mainly just for fun and cool photo opps.

Stairway cascading down into old Kyoto.

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