Sunday, September 21, 2014

Emmerson and Ada's Saturday

The girls have been somewhat delinquent in providing their descriptive captions - busy but in a good way. I guess accommodating their dad's blog related whims are not on the top of their priority list. Will try and carve out a time blok in the next day or so to make more sense of the photos. 

All right, Emmerson's very succinct notes below.

Start of the day[in the parking ....Emmerson not very happy.

Another picture of the start of the day.

House that looks like mansion! [On the road to our day]
Ghost cars! [also on the way to our day]
Just a picture of belair.
House in belair.
On the fly over 
more fly over
JOLLIBEE!!! Fast food restaurant
S and do not like it at all
Parking lot at S and R
S and R food bar
S and R

Gas for the way back home
Crazy cars! and one jeepney
3 empty jeepneys
Taxi or jeepney?
Want a ride?

Fishing for.....?
Awwwlll Kitties!!!
Swimming in the pasig river

Photographers:Daddy,Ada and Emmerson

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