Monday, September 01, 2014

Why I hate Chelsea, Let Me Count the Ways

Mourinho, what a tool.

Terry, tool.

And now the latest tool in the chelsea toolbox, Diego Costa, Brazilian, Spaniard all around tool.

Great player, undoubtedly but that does not make him any less of a tool. I have played against plenty of quality players and some of those were tools and received attention on the field for being so. It is not difficult to NOT be a tool on the field, play well, deal with hard play, be the less of a tool when dealing with a battle on the field as Costa was with Coleman, just beat his ass on the pitch and leave it at that, no need to taunt.

And then Mourinho after the game saying that Costa was being targeted unfairly ... he taunted a guy for an own goal. That is grounds for some serious treatment on the pitch.

At least Lampard is out of the picture.

Man I hate Chelsea.

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