Saturday, September 06, 2014

Brekkie O' Champions #2: Salted Egg, Crab Omelette, Skewer of Pork and Greens in Coconut Milk

Beautiful morning - a result of the rainy season weather patterns. After a long night or day of rain it often clears up but is quite cool as the humidity is low until the convection cells off the coast develop again and bring more humidity and rains.

This mornings breakfast was a bit eclectic as I opted for bits from different vendors. First purchase was a "Chinese salted hard boiled egg" of which I have seen many but never tried one so this was an easy decision. Then I made my way to the vegetable vendor and bought some items I will use during the week. Very nice produce and a bit cheaper than my over priced super market which is in the upscale area where we live. After that I made a complete tour of the market mentally noting things I would like to try. Then on the second round made my purchases.

I forgot my camera so no photos this time around. - except this one from another day showing NOT what the market is like: S and R, Manila's Costco

The salted egg was good; simply a hard boiled egg with the salt built in. The crab omelet was actually an egg and crab and other stuff mixed up and grilled in the shell of the crab. It looked really cool and tasted fine. The skewered pork was nice - hard to go wrong with pork in the Philippines - they are really good at doing pork. The Indo style greens were lovely - simply greens of some sort, kind of spinachish, stewed in coconut milk. Coconut milk adds a subtle sweet flavor to whatever is cooked in it. I also bought an Indo ceviche type dish - the lady was not satisfied that I had just bought the greens and talked me into the fish dish, but have not tried it yet.

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