Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Singapore Adventure #2: Sentosa Island

Sentosa island is Singapore's destination for theme park type of stuff and includes quite a lovely tropical beach for tropical beach type of activities (minus surfing - no waves). We opted to focus our energy and time on the water park. It was interesting taking the train as it went by the container ship harbour, one of the busiest in the world as Singapore is a transfer port for stuff coming to and from Asia to Europe, the Mideast and beyond.

 Container ship cranes playing their part in intermodal transportation of goods from Asia to parts beyond and vice versa.

Emmerson giving a thumbs up to the movement of goods through the port of Singapore.

Serious cranes creating a unique land/sea scape.

Emmerson curious to know the travel itinerary of this cruise ship taking a port of call in Singapore.

Wow, sure would like to wander in and about this area to see the curious machinations that make this port so dominant.

The Merlion (mermaid - for the water, lion for the symbol of Singapore) welcoming visitors to this part of Sentosa Island where the water park, among other entertainment venues, exist.

Two super excited girls dutifully posing before hitting the water park.

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