Saturday, September 06, 2014

Brekkie O' Champions #1: Fish Head Curry and Sugar Cane Juice

I have finally made a bit of a commitment to try and get out to the Saturday morning market in Salcedo on a more regular basis. It is a pleasant bike ride away thru the less frenetic, weekend traffic, of Makati. By the time I get there, my food clock has kicked in as I regularly don't eat until around 10:30 during the week - a simple byproduct of a teachers schedule and a life schedule where I do not eat breakfast - at least in my adult life. All the way thru high school I was forced to eat hot or cold cereal for breakfast and basically chugged it like a dose of medicine as I had no desire whatsoever to eat that early in the day.

The poultry stall.

The black chicken is simply a different breed of chicken that has black skin. This was not the most interesting of vendors but my camera battery died right after I took these photos. 

So I have decided to try something different for breakfast at the market each Saturday morning.

Breakfast #1 was a fishead curry plate from a Malay/Singaporean vendor and a bottle of fresh squished sugar cane juice. I had just returned from Singapore and was not able to get my favorite Singaporean dish, fish head curry, so when I saw this vendor and the dish, breakfast was decided. The fishead is from a yellow fin tuna and the meat and accompanying curry is quite nice. The sugar cane juice is sweet but not overpoweringly so and has an earthy, bit of a grassy component. I find it quite refreshing - and I am sure the purveyors of this juice include this as an invigorator along with the likes of raw oysters, and ginseng root and such that are of the  "good for you, make you strong, have many children" food group.

Anyway, it was good and I bought a bunch of jumbo shrimp with head and shell on and made a nice red curry with baguettes for dinner.

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