Thursday, July 13, 2017

Old Chicago With the Girls Spring 2017

Taking advantage of my monthly pass and free kids on the weekends for some old Chicago excursions. We typically just have a Chicago hot dog lunch and then wander around usually ending up down near the lakefront. 

My new bike I had one of my students build for me. No, unfortunately - but one of my students did build/modify it for his senior project. Good looking ride.  

Ada pointing out Hotelling's location model - Burger King and McDonalds next to eachother.

Over the Chicago river with one of the many tour boats that ply the historical and unique waterway. 

One if the two hotdog places we typically end up at. On this day the small seating area - basically benches along the wall, had been accommodated buy a Chinese tour group.

Food trucks lined up along the street between the Art Institute and Millenium Park

"Po-su" x 2. Cool picture of the girls in front of another group of visitors taking a photo of the famous face fountain.

Girls inside of a sculpture made out of recycled rubber tires and like stuff. They seem to have a constantly rotating cultural landscape in and around the fountain and bean.

They had a DJ playing techno music prepping for an evening of techno at the outdoor pavilion in Millenium Park.

At the lake - it has been a chilly spring so the waters of Lake Michigan were still rather fridged - toes only .... 

Emmerson going for the dunk and corresponding facial reaction.

Obligatory selfie.

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