Monday, July 31, 2017

China Town with the Hoovers July 2017

One of the reasons we ventured down to Florida was because we knew when the Hoovers came back thru Chicago on their way back to Manila, my critters would be a camp. So they stayed with us for a few more days and Bella and Kianna had to make do without Ada and Emmerson. We ventured out a bit but they were also winding down and needed to pack and organize so we kind of took it easy. One of the days we took the train down to the city, walked downtown to meet Brandon's sister, then took the redline L to China town. Lots to see and do in Chinatown but we first went to the food court "mall" area to have some lunch. We settled on a place that focused on dim sum and had a nice meal. Afterwards we walked down the main drag and then got the water taxi back to the train station that services the suburbs and made our way home. Nice day.  Not a lots of photos as I have documented this stretch of Chinatown before but I did like this alleyscape below.

Would be interesting to live in one of these apartments backing up to this alley. My grandparents lived in an apartment building like this in Yonkers, NY and it burnt to the ground - with all sorts of stuff that we had brought back from Malaysia and were storing there. 

And  a nice juxtaposition of the traditional and the contemporary, the Chinese architecture and the quintessential Chicago downtown architecture .... 

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