Sunday, July 23, 2017

Naples Pool and Beach 2017

After a long haul, we made it to Naples and were welcomed by the Hoovers and Brandon's dad and stepmom. We spent the next day hanging out whilst the girls played in their pool, literally all day and into the evening.  The next day we spent a day at the beach which I will comment on with the relevant photos.

Girls in downtown Naples which is quite snazzy - which I am quite certain is no longer used as an appropriate descriptor.

Full on smiles in Naples.

Olga looking great of course Brandon and I looking questionable, except for his satchel which is fabulous..

Love it - two great friends in the ocean.

Back at the Naples house after a long day at the beach.

So this has been an ongoing situation. Emmerson has inherited my hair. Back in the day, I had long hair and as it was curly and I was who I am - I did not comb it. The longer it got the tanglier it got. Eventually I had full on dred locks - or just tangled locks of hair for those who do not think the term dred can be applied to this reality. Anyway - Emmerson's hair is quite tangly and she did not properly brush the underneath part so it evolved into a gigantic tangle.  It was about a 4 inch long and inch wide tangle. Eventually - Alicia had her shampoo and condition and repeat several times and took her out in the back yard and got it untangled - with a lot of tears. 

Emmerson in her full on squnit and it must have been super sunny because Ada is also in a squint.

We are all all about shade - thus the shade.

This is how I look now at the beach in Naples end of June 2017.  I just like the tall cloud in the background and the beach. I love the beach - even though I have to wear a long sleave shirt and perpetual headgear which I took off before this pick to put on a different beach walk piece of head gear vs. my water head gear!

And this was quite the excitement. I don't like snakes for a variety of reasons involving some scary encounters with them. I would never simply kill one but I don't want to hold one and would always prefer to see them from a distance if I need to see them at all. I does not matter if they are dangerous or not - just want to keep my distance. So it just so happened that when we got back from the beach, the girls of course headed for the pool and after a bit a snake was noticed that had some how gotten into the screened in porch pool area. Not sure why/how I became the snake herder but I did - got a pool noodle and skooted the snake along the fence to the screen door so it could get outside. I know braver, none anti snake folk would have picked it up by the tail or however you pick up a snake but I am not that folk. After several anxious minutes of herding I did get the poor confused snake out the door and we could all take a sigh of relief and hit the pool again 

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