Friday, July 14, 2017

Hoovers in Town and Ada's Recital 2017

Ada has been involved in a dance class and they had the schools big show which was quite impressive. It included various groups like the competition teams that travel to compete and various groups that don't compete but prepare for this performance. Ada did absolutely wonderfully and this is not just a Dad talking - Ada you rocked it!

The Hoovers are now in the States for their summer holiday and the girls immediately connected. Here they are enjoying the backyard with a bit of soccer. 

Brandon playing goalie? Great to see how the girls just get on after not seeing each other for a year. 

At the park down the road. 

Emmerson and Kiana - Emmerson's hair in full flow.

 Ada and Bella enjoying this swing

Back at the house with the sprinkler.

Our back yard is fenced in enough that we can let the cats out but we do have to keep an eye on them as they are always looking for a way to get out and more adventurous. Every once in a while they figure out a way to get out but the girls go and herd them back. So m y girls are now officially kitten shepherds. 

Girls doing this!

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