Sunday, July 23, 2017

Girls in Old Chicago with the Hoovers June 2017

I actually should have included this with the previous post but forgot about the drama with the pick-up .... The Hoovers are in the States for a bit and we were fortunately able to see them at various times and locales throughout the summer. This was the first time - I picked them up from Ohare after a long flight from Manila via Abu Dhabi as they opted for Etihad and the Western route. As often seems to happen - a simple pick-up became a rather challenging ordeal. I gave myself plenty of time to arrive at Ohare to pick them up but when I went to fire up the minivan - dead .... the battery was drained. Of course, the Hoovers did not know about this but fortunately they are used to international travel and had their phones fired up. I contacted Brandon and told him about the situation and to sit tight for a while - which should not be much of a problem after 26 odd hours ... whats another hour or 2! So I called a rescue company to come and jump the van. It took a while but was able to pick them up without anymore drama. FORTUNATELY I did not shut off the van as we loaded the luggage because when I got home and did shut it off - I did not start a bit later as the battery was fried. So Brandon and I spent our first day together shopping for, buying and installing a new battery. 

The girls took over the basement - their are four girls in there somewhere. 

Alicia was finishing off work so I took the Hoovers downtown on one of the typical jaunts I often do with my girls. We went to a classic Chicago lunch place that features Chicago style hot dogs. The owner who still works the register and at times the grill is classic old school Chicago guy - still has an accent from wherever he came from and always remembers the girls whenever we come. Had lunch and then stopped by the Bloehmers chocolate factory outlet store and bought a few treats. Then we walked down to Millenium park and met up with Brandon's mom who was in town for Brandon's sisters baby shower. 

The crew outside of the hotdog place.

Over the Chicago River.

At the Bean - I think Kianna is feeding Emmerson some of the Chocolate they got .... Brandon looking for an interesting shot???

Neko rolling around in blue sidewalk chalk. 

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