Thursday, July 13, 2017

Enjoying the Park at Our New Place and Ada's Birthday Parties

We are now located on the NE end of Elmhurst and a few blocks east is a large park with a pool and various sporting grounds. Here are the girls having a go at some of the options at the park. Emmerson learned to skateboard here on this day in May.  I think some of the video clips are Ada doing some impromptu gymnastics.

Not sure what these videos are about - this one is most likely Ada referencing the sign that says "no skateboarding on the tennis courts" which Emmerson and I were doing as there was absolutely no one in the park. She tends to be rather meticulous about rules and regulations which I guess is a good thing. 

Ada did a bit of tree climbing. 

Emmerson very much enjoys climbing trees and the park has some good ones - she is up there somewhere. 

Ada's birthday party - the opening of the presents ceremony. 

And opening presents sent from the family - some special squishies!

Slick denim jumper outfit and Converse kicks. 


Not sure what this video clip entails.

Pretending to fall into the hole the tree remover guys made.

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