Sunday, July 23, 2017

Naples Boat Intercoastal 2017

After a day hanging at Brandon's Dad's house pool and the beach we decided to rent a pontoon boat and head out into the intercoastal. The intercoastal is a waterway that runs up the coast and includes lots of natural landscape and some rather impressive housing developments. This is manatee country - lots of signs as to how to avoid/address them but we did not see any. But there was a lot of other wildlife including several dolphins at various times including a pair that swam around and under our boat for a bit. Really neat trip. We stopped at a beach and had a swim and the girls enjoyed jumping off the back of the boat and swimming about on our own little beach. Really neat venture.

All the girls on the boat.

Emmerson and Ada enjoying the breeze.

And the three of us with the development along the intercoastal in the background.

Lots of signs indicating what to do in the areas where manatees might be present and the storks took advantage of the signs to create their nests.

Sign indicating manatee awareness and a big stork nest.

Emmerson with her tangle of hair - perhaps what happens when mom is not around for a few days ... 

Emmerson in full squint.

Ada looking casual - enjoying the boat ride.

Some nice properties along the intercoastal.

Mini golf course along this property.

A few yachts.

After a while we beached the pantoon boat so the girls could go for a swim.

Emmerson is into doing flips but had never done one off the back of a boat so she was excited to do so. 

One of the houses along the intercoastal was obviously into the wonderful world of McDonalds .... 


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