Thursday, July 13, 2017

Big Gomi Day at the New Residence

Big gomi day was always a highlight of my time in Japan. Once a month it was encouraged to purge your house/apartment of "outdated" appliances and such to make new for the most recent and more socially acceptable items. But most of these electronics, appliances, furniture and such were full on fine for my post college, bachelor US mindset. So a few of us would jump into my van early on the morn of big gomi day and make the rounds. This is as close as it comes to this exciting day in Japan - basically throw out whatever in your house that you no longer want. Lots out on the curb. We took full advantage of it as we had just moved. A few photos of the day. Obviously very much appreciated by certain folk in the community, especially those involved in the recycling/refurbishing industries.

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