Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bit More Moving and Randomness

So the time line is way off on these more recent posts and many of the previous. I tend to do them in chunks when I have some time to sit down and go thru and organize. It is now July of 2017 and I will be posting back thru april of 2017. The below are from the end of March and beginning of April.

Po making sure she is still in control and not left behind in the move. While Neko is a "bit" more laid back, Po is very much involved and seems to be rather control minded and quite paranoid. We have a theory about this that we like to talk about and I will share at some time for posterity sake for the girls. 

Apparently a video most likely Ada made of Po being control minded and paranoid. 

Nana is what the girls cal my mom so this was neat to find. Hot dogs I believe were grilled and not really classic Chicago how we have come to like them - but still neat place. 

My artsy picture of a tree as we were moving out. 

And apparently another video??

Po monitoring the move - literally right in the thick of it.

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