Friday, July 14, 2017

Americana and some Kittens Spring 2017

 Good solid Memorial Day parades here in the midwest. Emmerson did not participate this year but Ada's Girl Scout group was in full force. So Emmerson and I skootered and skateboarded around the route. Tradition is that all the parade participants toss candy to the bystanders along the route - according to the girls it is like a second Halloween. So both girls were excited - Ada to supply and Emmerson to collect.

Ada at the staging area pre parade. 

Miss something or other looking impressively composed after parading in her high heels and fancy get up for quite a while at this point on the route. Well done!

Very cool and lifelike mini Allied moving truck. 

Emmerson patiently waiting for some handouts.

Ada en route with her satchel of candy to hand out. 

Emmerson in collection mode.

And kitten time ... certainly not kittens anymore but still sweet little kitties.

We let the kittens outside quite a bit as we have a pretty solid compound - which they often try and escape from in some rather impressive ways. Here is Neko enjoying rubbing around in the sidewalk chalk the girls had laid down. So Neko was rather blue for a bit. 

Neko Kun

I think this is a working video clip of the kitts in the backyard. 

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