Thursday, July 13, 2017

AYSO "Spring" Soccer and a Few More Items

Both girls do AYSO - early saturday mornings. Quite a chilly spring this year, especially at 8 it the a.m. 

Ada in a pregame huddle. She loves the social aspect of this sport and has learned quite a bit about how to play, team work, etc. 

Emmerson not so much into the photos these days but I can still get a smile and a pose now and then. Emmerson is a natural striker - just seems to have that knack for being around the goal at the right time. No where near travel team caliber at this point but don't care - she is good, enjoys it and wants to keep playing. Next year - boys and girls mixed at her age - should be interesting. 

Spring my a*&(^%&*.  Freaking COLD - this is the coat I only bust out when it is VERY vold out because it is so puffy. But just sitting down for an hour in cold temps definitely appreciate the puffy coat. 

Bring your kids to school day at New Trier. Last time for Emmerson. They both love it and NT does a nice job. I opted out geopardy and had quite a few participants. 

In my office commandeering the communal table. 

Neko being Neko.

Found a Mexican supermarket down the road from our house - full on authentic and one of my favorite treats well in house - one version of chicharon on display at the deli.

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