Wednesday, June 01, 2016

"Spring" in Chicago 2016

This excursion was sometime in late April. After a tease of nice weather, it dropped down into the 40's and 50's with a solid amount of rain - good for getting the girls ready for our move to Scotland!

I had to teach Emmerson how to properly carry an umbrella into the wind. Note the appropriate non - appropriate spring time garb. 

At our go to hot dog place. The guys who work their still recognize the girls as they have evolved from little critters to bigger critters. They usually fire up the train and always give them the gummy hotdog and hamburger parting gift. 

Daddy with the works - Chicago style (minus the onion). 

And my nemesis - the Belgian french fry. 

The girls trooping forward - destination, Bloehmers chocolate factory! I think they would put up with some serious weather to get to this destination. 

Ogilvie Transport Center pedestrian bridge.

Back in the safe confines of Ogilvie train station. It is actually a massive complex with retail and corporate establishments. The downstairs concourse has a "French Market" - lots of food options and every once in a while they host a food market in the concourse. So we took advantage of the various deli style offerings. 


Once again, Ada showing Emmerson maximum love .... 

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