Thursday, June 02, 2016

Summer Vacation Begins!!!! 2016

The Memorial Day weekend officially kicked off summer vacation for the girls and they celebrated appropriately. The festivities began with participation in the Elmhurst Memorial Day parade. Emmerson marched with her DARE group from school - which she was a member throughout the school year. 

Ada walked with her Brownie troop. Each troop honored the veterans of various US conflicts and Ada helped carry the Kosovo banner - which was cool. A little known conflict that continues to have repercussions in the Balkan region of Europe. 

Emmerson in full march - an of course handing out candy. That has seemed to become the norm in most parades these days. 

Ada representing.

Besides the girls, my favorite part of any parade. 

Afterwards, we went to a neighborhood party. Great food and drink and lots of people from all ages. The girls enjoying - note Ada's Claire's glasses.

Skateboard season and the first case of road rash. This was a first, not the road rash but how it happened. Anyone who has ever ridden a skateboard, skooter, roller skates, etc. knows to steer clear of large pebbles sticks and such to avoid the board stopping short and the subsequent face plant. I was in the alley avoiding appropriately and saw a nice patch of smooth blacktop up ahead. Steering into it, my board stopped abruptly and deposited me on the concrete in front of a bunch of teenagers who were playing basketball - slick. The blacktop was newly lain and the heat of the day had softened it quite a bit. My front wheels dug into the soft surface - so I have learned not to do that when out and about on the skateboard.

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