Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Thank You Donald!

The kids had a weekend away with mom and dad in Freeport so Alicia and I got away for a night downtown. Alicia found a special at the Trump Towers - thanks for that Donald - so I took the train and then the boat to the Michigan Avenue stop which deposits you at the foot of the Trump hotel. It was I guess what you would expect, the letters T-R-U-M-P emblazoned on all sorts of surfaces, from bags of pistachios, conditioner, wine bottles, etc. But it was fine - I'd take the Peninsula in Manila or the Majestic in Saigon over it. The feature I fond most pleasant was the 16th floor outdoor deck of the rest/bar - nice atmosphere, view and 12 dollar beers.

View from our room. 

Home page of the interactive wall TV.

Nice personal touch - thanks Don. 

My first made from scratch humus. Random event that doesn't really fit anywhere so might as well include it here as I am sure Donald would have some sort of opinion on the existence of humus in the US. Speaking of Mr. Trump and randomness, he attended NYMA (the New York Military Academy) for his secondary education. It is an all boys military academy in Cornwall NY, about a half mile from the high school I attended. Any Cornwalite is quite familiar with NYMA and I was quite surprised to hear that Trump attended the institution, doesn't really strike me as the militant type. 

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