Thursday, June 02, 2016

Out and About with the Girls June 1 2016

So this was the REAL first day of summer when they did not have anything going on and could get up and do whatever for the day. They loafed around for quite a bit and then we ventured out to run some errands and came across the city centre wednesday celebration. I guess they do this every Wednesday during the summer. There was a djay and lots of dancing and such. They met up with some friends from school and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Beautiful day, fun times.

City center dance party!

The girls found some friends at the party.Ada still rockin her Claire's glasses.

Getting their dance grooves on.

Go Ada!

Country eyed Joe or whatever that song is that involves a mid song dosie doe.

And then Emmerson, Ada and friend started getting the hair fling thing going!

All three getting the hair going.

Emmerson in full fling.

Emmerson emerging from her bedroom after her first real summer sleep in. Ada is still up by 7 but Emmerson is now into the 9ish time frame if left alone. 

What???!!! Oh Emmerson, nothing, sweet child, nothing. 

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