Thursday, June 02, 2016

Ada's First Communion!!

Emmerson was in Manila when Grace Lutheran, our home church, was going thru her communion class. So we home schooled her along with Pastor Said's guidance for her communion preparation. 

But for Ada, one of the focusses of her 3d grade class was to prepare for communion culminating in her first communion along with her classmates. Emmerson gave her plenty of prep and encouragement and as seen below, a flower and card!

Once again, showing they are not only sisters but best friends and deeply care for eachother. Emmerson, unprompted, wanted to get Ada a fist communion card and flower which she paid for with her allowance money. Rock star sister. 

Ada beaming with her communion morning surprise. 

And doing what she does exceptionally well, showing her big sister lots of love. 

Side ways first communion cake at Grace Lutheran.

One of Ada's classic comments relating to communion, which she had seen us doing all her life was "is it spicy" referencing the meal .... so she finally got to answer that question for herself.

Ada's communion class. 

Ada reading her part of the first communion after party. 

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