Thursday, June 02, 2016

Another Random Daddy Emmerson Trip to Old Chicago May 2016

Actually, this one had a bit of a purpose other than going downtown. Ada's birthday was fast approaching and we wanted to get her a few items from the Chicago Art Institute gift shop that she had pointed out on a previous visit to the museum. I was still in work mode and could use the monthly pass and the girls are still free on the weekends so still a "free" trip! 

Emmerson sporting some multi-colored teeth these days. On the train headed to Old Chicago. 

Obligatory selfie - one per trip - get it over with early on.

Emmerson took over the camera and took some shots. She then put them together using one of the movie apps on my phone while we were still on the train and played it for me. I was impressed - did not know my phone or child had the know how. 

Emmerson's view

Approaching the station, Trump tower looming haughtily in the background. 

 A lot going on in this photo. Obviously, recycling has become common place in most downtown areas and they have come up with some pretty creative ideas in Chicago. But what I particularly like is the image in the background - the sacred and the secular sharing a space .... It used to be that the sacred dominated a city-scape, cathedrals were often the tallest buildings and many a place made it official by mandating that no building could rise above the cathedral. Not the case in the US. As the US industrialized and secularized, the sky scraper, which are all about materialism, replaced the cathedral as the dominant buildings in the city scape. Well here we have them sharing a space ... interesting - to me .... 

We did not go to our usual hotdog place as it is in River West area and we were headed due east to the Art Institute. It was a Sunday afternoon and we were surprised by how many establishments were not open. We did find this small hotdog place, I believe on Adams, which we had eaten at before so stopped here for lunch. 


At the Art Institute

This is one of the latest editions to Millenium Park which has become quite the eclectic space. Lots going on beyond "the Bean". It is basically a huge playground for kids.

Framed by skyscrapers in an open space.

Every once in a while I press the wrong button on my phone and it goes to black and white. I like this one. Elevated walkway over part of the park with the amphitheater in the background. 

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