Thursday, June 02, 2016

Springtime Randomness 2016

A bit of this and that from the last few months. 

Spring time in the midwest - duck couples making the most of any standing water. 

Yea man, rock on!!! Not sure what was going on here - other than rockin on. 

My department chair retiring after a wonderfully impactful career. She will be severely missed. 

Ada's creepy sleep style. This is what she looks like when she naps in the car. Emmerson is always intrigued and this time documented the phenomena.

Ada's birthday the Freeport episode. 

Getting ready to open her main present. 

Woohoo, giant reading pillow, which has been very well used.

We tag team various celebrations and Ada and I had our birthday's at the same time out at Freeport. Here is Emmerson admiring my birthday cake.

Me and my cake.

Emmerson loves tree climbing and in classic little sister fashion, Ada wants to follow suite but is not quite sure how to go about it ... 

Daddy to the rescue! Hefted Ada up and once she was appropriately elevated, did quite well. 

Emmerson commandeered the camera and took some artsy shots. 

Not bad!

A favorite, thank you Emmerson.

At my school, I peered out the 3d story window 7th period and came upon this scene out on the whatever you call this part of the building outside of a window. She's roosting on ten eggs. Ducky Mcduckface, in honor of the new British boat that was going to be dubbed a similar name but more traditional powers opted otherwise, has become kind of the departments sort of mascot - or at least a nice diversion at the chaotic end of the year time. 

Nice and comfy amongst randomly discarded school rubbish. 

Emmerson posing with her cool old document assignment. We got a bit carried away with the coffee staining and burning but it all worked out.

Charlotte, our next door neighbor gave Emmerson this hand made card on discovering she had lost her tooth. 

Reading to the dogs at Elmhurst library. 

Neko claiming the umbrella - quite the cat.

Met up with this crew downtown recently and had a great evening. Looking forward to next time. 

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