Thursday, June 02, 2016

Old Chicago # ???? With the Girls

I will no longer have a monthly pass as of June 1 so am trying to get max use out of it and this is one of our favorite things to do together - head down town to the hotdog place and see what transpires on the way!

Finally, actual spring weather. Ada is cradling the book Emmerson bought her from the Art Institute for her birthday - a "Cat High Yearbook" - which they both quite enjoy.

A the obligatory selfies - more than one when the girls art at the helm of the camera controls.

Emmerson was quite taken by these nectarines at the "French Market" downstairs at the train station - curious child is that Emmerson.

The girls very much like Claire's - a store that sells lots of accessories and other junk for girls. They could spend an impressive amount of time in this establishment as they did while we were waiting out the time until the train to go home. Ada was very taken by these fake glasses and used some of her allowance money to buy them. She has worn them everyday since .... curious child is that Ada.

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