Friday, April 22, 2016

Spring Time in Chicago!

Spring has ever so grudgingly crawled back into the Chicago area this month. It has hovered around the 30's and 40's most of late march and early April. Over the weekend of April 8th (happy birthday Eric), it snowed. It was actually one of the weirdest weather days I have ever experienced. One minute it would be sunny and calm and the next blustery and cold with white out conditions ... and then sunny and calm again. This went on all day. 

And of course I forced the girls outside so I could document the experience. Ada was not too keen to partake in this photo shoot. 

Weird weather.

And out the window first period at New Trier of weird weather weekend. 

Which just so happened to be "Bring your kid to school day"! 

The girls love this day and I very much enjoy having them with me at school. At New Trier, teachers open their classrooms up for kids and have various subject related activities for them to participate in. We did Geopardy in world geo. The girls get two student guides, thank you Hunter and Daniela, and had a good day of learning and fun. Ada is dutifully wearing her LDC name tag!

Lunchtime. I typically have a working lunch so we brought our food back to the classroom I teach in around lunch time. Also, it was Friday so lots of random baked goods were strewn around the building. Every Friday, kids bring donuts, muffins, bagels and other breakfast items to advisory and left overs kind of get devoured throughout the day by subsequent hungry teenagers coming into different classrooms. Emmerson took part in a box of left over donuts.

No idea who this is our how it got on my phone - creepy.

Shudder .... 

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